LUMA1 Drives Health and Safety in Industry

It’s great to see our team onsite working with customers. Pictured here are Paul Newman and Cosmo Barran working with a new customer Brew and Bottle Ltd in Milton Keynes, UK (another customer Air Products showed up as well). Our customers from high risk industry love what LUMA1 does for their teams and customers to help keep them safe. It brings together the context of a work site with the safety related content and combines that with interactivity to provide the most engaging and memorable experience.

Many companies then take this interactive video and use the LUMA1 translation features to make it available for whole team to drive consistency across the business.

LUMA1 brings your Health and Safety training videos to life!  Combining the content, context and interactivity with LUMA1 you can deliver learning experiences that are 80% more memorable and take much less time. And with Transcreation and Global Voice you can deliver in 45 major languages faster than ever before.

Its simple to keep everyone in the know and you always have insight into your Team with our dynamic reporting and analytics.

John Hudson

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Screen Recording Comes to LUMA1!

LUMA1 now includes screen recording making it simple and fast to show your team how to use new software, train them on a new process, or share a presentation. Once recorded, add knowledge checks, polls, survey questions, forms, and tracking. Getting your point across has never been easier!

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Maarten Pas
LUMA1 helps local school to make a virtual tour

When Paul Newman, our Director in the UK was asked to help his daughter’s school with some video production, he took the opportunity to go further. It was a chance for him to try out one of our recommended tools for simple video production, the DJI Pocket 2. He stayed back a few sunny days after school and (a few not so sunny) and got to work, dusting off his old skills. Paul then edited the videos in another simple tool, Adobe Rush.

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John Hudson