LUMA1 partners with UK agency - just before the world locks down

At the beginning of this year, January 2020 Luma One Corporation agreed to partner with London based agency Insitu. Insitu has extensive experience delivering interactive learning for their clients around the globe and they have grown from being a video production company. It’s a perfect fit.

The first thing Insitu wanted to do was create a bit of generic content in the platform, so they scripted ‘Booty Boots’ - a fictional story acted in the studio with a number of interactions built in.

What they didn’t know as they went into the studio was that is going to be the last video production for a while. How long? Who knows. But luckily, they managed to get the filming done whilst they could and the post production in what we now call ‘lockdown’

John Hudson

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Screen Recording Comes to LUMA1!

LUMA1 now includes screen recording making it simple and fast to show your team how to use new software, train them on a new process, or share a presentation. Once recorded, add knowledge checks, polls, survey questions, forms, and tracking. Getting your point across has never been easier!

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Maarten Pas
LUMA1 helps local school to make a virtual tour

When Paul Newman, our Director in the UK was asked to help his daughter’s school with some video production, he took the opportunity to go further. It was a chance for him to try out one of our recommended tools for simple video production, the DJI Pocket 2. He stayed back a few sunny days after school and (a few not so sunny) and got to work, dusting off his old skills. Paul then edited the videos in another simple tool, Adobe Rush.

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John Hudson