• Add any video directly through the LUMA1 Mobile App, Screen Recorder, Web Cam, Upload, or alternate Streaming Service.
  • Add an Integrated Test, Knowledge Check, Poll, or Survey. You'll know exactly where your team stands.
  • Touch Responsive In-Video Hotspots for simulation.
  • Create Immersive Engagement with timed and sequenced questions.
  • Integrated Navigation where a viewer can immediately jump to specific content or automate this based on a user's answers or feedback.
  • Collect Viewer Data to audit measurable elements such as viewing time, quiz results, surveys, etc.
  • Instantly Translate your Transcribed audio and change the Voice-Over into over 40 languages.
  • Directly embed Downloadable Content (PDFs, images, links, etc.) in your videos.
  • Connect to your Learning Eco-System or use LUMA1 on its own.