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How to support your leadership initiative

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE:APD) is an international corporation whose principal business is selling gases and chemicals for industrial uses. The company’s ambition or ‘higher purpose’ includes addressing the world’s need for clean energy and materials while reducing environmental impacts. It operates in over 50 countries with over 22,000 employees with a range of diverse backgrounds.


Generating a cleaner future involves experience, investment and innovation on a world scale and to keep innovating, it is recognised that you require ‘leaders’ at every level of business.

Over 2020 a a new framework of Values and Practices was created by a fresh team within the company and at the beginning of 2021 the search began for an application that could help support the implementation of the framework.

This massive initiative needs leaders throughout the company to implement and the search was on for an application that could help support this change management initiative




Air Products started the search for a software application that would meet numerous technical and learning requirements including;

  • Flexible delivery – mobile to desktop

  • Ability to operate both apart from their learning ecosystem and with it

  • Single sign on with Microsoft Azure

  • Multiple language capabilities

  • User management of up to 25,000 registered learners

  • Ability to create & load own content

  • Interactive learning features

  • Comprehensive reporting tools

  • Security framework

  • And many others


Through an open procurement process LUMA1 was selected along with our content partner Insitu Digital in London.  The solution was combining the LUMA1 software capabilities with a series of animated videos to engage the learners by distilling the messaging in the Leadership Model and using interactivity.




The LUMA1 platform is now a branded Air Products application, being viewed in dozens of countries in over 23 languages.. Users have a seamless experience in the workplace and can view content on any device at a time which suits them.

Air Products now has a ‘real time’ view of what people are thinking, Polls, Surveys and Open Answers allow the company to ‘take the temperature’ and adapt learning accordingly.

Importantly though, this application can now be extended through the company for other initiatives, Health & Safety, Compliance, Onboarding and company wide Communications to name just a few.




Now that LUMA1 is operational, Air Products have already started creating and translating their own videos on the application as well as commissioning further animations.

Ongoing content maintenance is very cost-effective as there is no need to rely on specialised external developers to change or add more content.

There are masses of data now to use as the take up of content across the globe has been so successful.

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