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This Is Us

LUMA1 is a business focused on giving you the power to create Smart Video. Our goal is to make learning and communications more effective by engaging and widening audiences, saving time making and consuming content and improving feedback.


Our mission is to be the world’s #1 communications and training platform - measured by customer satisfaction. So your success is vital to our success.


Our team have built award-winning products, made movies, and created other forms of content. We are passionate and are committed to making our customers successful.


Our focus is to help people and organizations engage with their audience to create great results.


We are passionate about LUMA1.  It brings everything together so that you can make a real, measurable impact.  Let us help you create success.  Maybe, together, we could even change the world for the better.

A Partnership for Safety, is a comprehensive program designed to bring your organization to a new level of safety excellence.  We bring together our award winning technology, best of breed video based safety training.
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Smart Video Training for EHS, SOP's and more.

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