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Safety Training Superpowers

LUMA1 is built for learning that matters. It brings speed, agility and even fun to training.

Fast and Easy Content Creation with AI

Content creation is fast and simple letting you operate at the speed of business.

Assure Knowledge

Certifications, assessments, surveys, and knowledge checks with time saving AI based question generation.

Engage Learners

Learning experiences that are engaging, memorable and effective that speed learning.

Create Journeys

Learning journeys and navigation can be created easily or fully automated based on knowledge..

AI Translation and Narration

LUMA1 lets you translate and voice your videos in over 40 major global languages.

The Best Onboarding

Fast, simple, and filled with playbooks that get you quick results..

Features & Capabilities


Automated transcripts and translations in over 50 major languages with full voice over.

Our powerful, simple to use editor makes any changes a breeze.

Assessments and Questions

Powerful AI based question generation for building in video knowledge checks or complete assessments.  All the question types you can think of including survey and polling.  And you can even give answers with speech, video and uploads. 

Creating Journeys 

Automate learning journeys with our unique prescriptive and adaptive learning capabilities which speed learning and increase retention.  You an also use hotspots, text and graphics to create sophisticated navigation.  Our Playlist lets you mix and match content from any source including Youtube, SCORM and more. 

Sharing and Access Options 

You can share access to LUMA1 in many ways including the HUB, text, email, secure self-registration, search and voice activated search, SCORM, LUMA1 generated QR codes, embeds and more.  LUMA1 works beautifully on any device from your phone to interactive video walls. 

Manage users like never before

User management can be automated with secure self registration, bi-directional feeds, imported, and adding users manually. 

Content Management 

LUMA1 comes with a complete range of content creation and management capabilities that includes screening recording, phone based video capture, themes, templates, reuse and easy sharing. 


Everything from the big picture down to how a person answered a question and how long it took them to certification and completion reporting .

A Partnership for Safety, is a comprehensive program designed to bring your organization to a new level of safety excellence.  We bring together our award winning technology, best of breed video based safety training.
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