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Transforming EHS Training and Certifications to Digital at the Speed of Business: A Buttcon Success Story.

Buttcon, a construction contractor based in Canada, relies heavily on its large professional network of contractors and suppliers to scale their output.

They turned to LUMA1 to help streamline their health and safety training program to minimize workplace injuries as the company rapidly grows.


Buttcon, an employee-owned leader in the Canadian construction industry, is renowned for its high-quality workmanship, innovative solutions, and ability to fast-track projects. With a focus on institutional, commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential projects, Buttcon has long aspired to digitize its contractor safety certifications to enhance efficiency and promote safety excellence. After a seven-year search for the perfect solution, the company embarked on a transformative journey.


Buttcon aimed to establish a uniform digital safety orientation to bolster contractor safety across its operations, prioritizing ease of access and administration. This initiative was expected to yield significant time and cost savings. Furthermore, Buttcon sought to standardize its training programs using the selected digital platform.


In 2020, Buttcon chose LUMA1 for its inaugural digital safety certification project, focusing on contractors. The company utilized its existing PowerPoint-based contractor training, converting it into an MP4 video enhanced with LUMA1's additional content and assessment features. Successful completion of the certification granted contractors a digital certificate and a physical certification sticker for their hard hats. Following this success, Buttcon expanded its LUMA1-based training to include additional safety protocols and system training for tools like Procore, further integrating the platform into its business processes.


The shift to digital certification has led to substantial cost savings in the six-figure range, alongside notable improvements in user satisfaction and a deeper understanding of knowledge gaps among contractors and employees. This insight has been instrumental in enhancing both safety and productivity within the company. Remarkably, the first certification was developed and launched in under two weeks, showcasing LUMA1's exceptional capabilities.


"Transitioning to online certification with LUMA1 was a game-changer for Buttcon. The process was not only seamless but remarkably swift, revolutionizing how we train and certify our contractors and staff." - Stephanie Kruk, GSC, NCSO, CSS, Senior Safety Manager.


The intuitive design and comprehensive training and certification management provided by LUMA1 proved to be the ideal solution for Buttcon's needs. By leveraging LUMA1's unique features, Buttcon has successfully digitalized its entire certification and training portfolio, streamlining the process and enhancing safety and productivity.

Discover how LUMA1 can revolutionize your certification and training processes, consolidating all your needs into one efficient platform. 

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