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dvore is a SaaS platform for deploying intranet and extranet portals that include management tools and integrate with the existing systems of small and medium-sized businesses.
Whether you want to centralize and standardize your customer interactions, or consolidate your teams' communications and resources, you can optimize your processes with dvore.
The interactive training features of Luma1 integrate directly into dvore to provide a personalized training portal for your employe
es or clients.

Why choose dvore?

  • Customizable modules integrated directly into the platform

  • Portals specifically designed for B2B and B2C customers or employees

  • Interoperability and API integration with other systems (ERP, CRM, accounting software, marketing, etc.)

  • Professional implementation by a team of in-house experts

  • Customized environment in your company's colors

  • Solutions developed according to general eco-design principles

  • Multilingual, multicurrency page editor and portal

Ready to engage?

Smart Video Training for procedures, EHS, and more.

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