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Infuse Safety Knowledge into the Flow of Work

All the data is in! Frequency of toolbox talks, in-depth orientations or inductions and consistent training all lead to better safety outcomes.

Short, engaging video based training is an expectation of younger workers and given the generational shift as experienced hands retire, this is an ideal time for starting to think about how you train and what you can do to optimize it.

It's also really important to consider capturing all the know how and experience that is leaving with this generational shift. While we support and are big advocates of live and blended safety training there are many benefits to short form video based safety training including knowledge capture. Here are some great ways that we see organizations infuse safety knowledge into the flow of work:

  1. These short form videos can easily be brought together in a playlist to create a course, pre-work for blended learning or to support live training. Add an assessment and knowledge checks and you have everything you need for great training and certifications;

  2. They can be used to support live toolbox talks or sent out as a text or email based link for workers to view at regularly schedule times. You can track these and add knowledge checks of gain insight through polling or a quick survey question;

  3. Run a looping video in the lunch room or other frequently occupied areas. You can add a QR code for an assessment or poll right in a video being played on a monitor as well;

  4. Print a QR code and add it to a device or area for example a QR code next to a fire extinguisher showing you the steps for a regular inspection.

So what are some good steps to get started? First of all putting video together has never been easier and we have great free resources to help you. Just contact us here and we will send across some useful links. You can also speed up the whole process with the great toolbox talk library from Ally Safety. Let us know if you need any help or advice.



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