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How to shift your training from in-person to digital

Abzac, a B2B producer of industrial cardboard products, needed to move away from its labor intensive, in-person training process.

They used LumaOne to create, distribute, and expand a program that will set them up for long-term success.


The Abzac Group

One of the leading producers of cardboard in Europe and North America. 11 manufacturing plants world- wide with over 550 employees Global distribution gives them an advantage over competitors by being geographically close to key partners.


In-person training doesn’t scale

With a business model that hinges on proper job skills training, Abzac desperately needed to find a way to scale onboarding to ensure production processes meet health and safety standards. Before working with LUMA1, their training program was labor intensive and had become increasingly difficult to manage as the company grew internationally.


Interactive learning in the digital age

LUMA1 conducted a two-day onsite video shoot to record their in-person training process. Developed an interactive video portal that employees could engage with and update via mobile device. Multi-language videos based on employee location (English, Spanish, and French).


Digital Execution with in-person values

Rich analytics allow for in-depth analysis of employee insights. This reduced health and safety risks for the team. With mobile uploads, Abzac is now able to manage content creation in house to keep training costs low and video modules relevant. The team is primed for future growth of the company without having to worry about onboarding procedures.

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