Make Work Safe and Productive with LUMA1 Smart Video
Make Work Safe and Productive with LUMA1 Smart Video


Welcome to LUMA1! Our award-winning Smart Video Software enables organizations make work safe and productive.  With LUMA1, you can capture and share knowledge easily and engage your team in critical areas like Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), standard operating procedures, and onboarding.

Our AI speeds questions, assessments and translation. Our platform helps your team learn faster, retain more, and stay engaged while you improve oversight and receive real-time feedback.

Join the growing list of organizations that trust LUMA1 to keep their people, communities, and businesses safe. Discover how LUMA1 can transform your workplace today!

“LUMA1's innovative video-based learning and translation technology has been a game-changer for our organization.”

Step Change in Safety


Smart Video Training for EHS, SOP's, Onboarding and more.

Great for Procedural and EHS Smart Video Training
LUMA1 has everything you need to make it simple, fast and engaging

Video offers clarity and context.  Interactivity is immersive and it drives understanding and retention.  Bring these together with our AI engine and you have LUMA1 Smart Video:

  1. Capture video directly or bring it in from any source

  2. Quickly add navigation, questions, surveys, forms, media, search and instantly translate.

  3. Easily leverage powerful tools for prescriptive and adaptive training that make learning faster, more engaging and assure results.

  4. Sharing is simple through your existing platforms or environments, directly through LUMA1 or through social channels.

“Thanks to LUMA1, training our staff and trade partner contractors has never been easier”



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