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Award Winning Smart Video Software

Drive Safety Through Knowledge and Awareness

Health, Safety and Environmental care are key to business success. It's a fact that knowledge and awareness are the best way to effect positive outcomes.   LUMA1 has been built to transform your EHS training programs into best in class, and fully digital with Smart Video saving you both time and money.   It's the best way to keep your team, contractors, community and business safe, skilled and productive.

Your Partnership for Safety

Our award-winning, top rated training software enables organizations to drive change and drive safety digitally.  It brings simplicity to site specific and business specific Environment, health and safety (EHS) training. 


From Toolbox talks, safety orientations, contractor safety certifications, SOP's to leadership engagement, our software and extensive video based safety training library from Ally Safety makes training and certifications faster with high retention. 

We combine all of this with our partnership approach. Discover how LUMA1 can transform your business today.  Join our growing community  in our Partnership for Safety.

“LUMA1's innovative video-based learning and translation technology has been a game-changer for our organization.”

Step Change in Safety

A Partnership for Safety, is a comprehensive program designed to bring your organization to a new level of safety excellence.  We bring together our award winning technology, best of breed video based safety training.
Play Video

LUMA1 has everything you need to make it simple,
fast and engaging to share knowledge and awareness.

Video offers clarity and context.  Interactivity is immersive and it drives understanding and retention.  Bring these together with our AI engine and you have LUMA1 Smart Video:

Capture video directly or bring it in from any source including PowerPoint or YouTube.

Quickly add navigation, questions, surveys, assessments, certifications, forms, media, search and instantly translate.

LUMA1 Mobile view of Safety Training Content by our partner Ally SafetyContent

Easily leverage powerful tools for prescriptive and adaptive training that make learning faster, more engaging and assure results.

Sharing is simple through your existing platforms or environments, text, email, QR Code or directly through LUMA1.

Client Feedback and Reviews

LUMA1 has a 4.7 product rating by Caperra
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"Using LUMA1 has revolutionized our training approach, providing our front-line employees and contractors with truly engaging learning experiences. .”