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Award Winning Smart Video Software

Safety on Time

LUMA1 has been built to bring new, innovative capabilities for safety and procedural training that will transform your business.  Infuse knowledge and awareness across your business anywhere, anytime with LUMA1 and our proven approach.

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The LUMA1 Experience

You have all the capabilities you need to infuse and verify knowledge across your business with simplicity. We bring proven technology and "how to" playbooks to create success for you. LUMA1 shines whether its proactive initiatives or if you need to respond with urgency anywhere, anytime. 

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Innovative, Proven

We have designed LUMA1 for safety training and delivering safety knowledge in the flow of work. It lets you engage your team, contractors and temp workers so they have the knowledge and awareness they need to stay safe.

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Safety Videos

Access a vast, growing library of ready-made safety videos from our partner Ally Safety. The video's are both engaging and informative, tailored to a wide range of industries. It makes it easy to get started and drive immediate results.

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Content and Training

Create, upload your existing content, add assessments and more.

LUMA1 let's you manage your team, contractors and temp-workers all in one place. It includes robust reporting and analytics.

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Anytime, Anyway

LUMA1 provides full access through our global land and satellite based network to deliver to remote sites to the  sea to the city. Delivering your digital or live safety training made simple.

LUMA1 has everything you need to keep it simple.

Capture video directly with your phone or bring it in from any source.

Hundreds of video based Toolbox Talks and Safety Training modules ready to go.

Deliver digitally, live in the lunchroom, looping on a monitor or a QR code on site.

LUMA1 Mobile view of Safety Training Content by our partner Ally Safety Content

Quickly add knowledge checks, create certifications, surveys, assessments and more.

Personalize instantly to deliver in all major languages and knowledge levels.

Instantly connect to extensive reporting have the insight you need.

Crew in a manufacturing plant using LUMA1 Experience

Engage and Empower Your Team

LUMA1 is more than just a safety focused training system. It's a new way to engage workers, contractors, and temporary staff, inspiring them to achieve outstanding results in workplace safety which drive productivity and profitability. LUMA1 sets a new standard in safety training anywhere, anytime.


Your Partner in Safety and Quality Excellence


Join us in the mission to create safer workplaces everywhere. LUMA1 delivers all the knowledge you need to create safety and quality excellence.

What Our Customers Say...

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LUMA1 Customer Quote
LUMA1 Customer Quote
LUMA1 Customer Quote

"Using LUMA1 has revolutionized our training approach, providing our front-line employees and contractors with truly engaging learning experiences. .”

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LUMA1's innovative video-based learning and translation technology has been a game-changer for our organization.”

“Thanks to LUMA1, training our staff and trade partner contractors has never been easier” 

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Your New Superpowers
LUMA1 Speed and Agility
Speed & Agility
Making your training is faster and you can be completely responsive to business needs
LUMA1 Consistency
Everyone has the same personalized training experience
LUMA1 Effectiveness
Training is engaging and memorable.
LUMA1 Assurance
Knowledge checks and assessments ensure that everyone has the level of knowledge and awareness needed

Ready to Engage?

Smart Video Training for Procedures, EHS, and more.

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