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A Customers Story; Compass Group - Revolutionizing Training

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

At LUMA1 with are focused on ensuring that organizations can support their frontlines with the knowledge they need to drive operational excellence, quality and safety.

We are proud to support Compass Group a global catering and support services business with their Senior Living business in Canada. We are excited to continue our partnership, equipping their frontline heroes with the superpowers they need to make a difference every single day.

"Using LUMA1 has revolutionized our training approach, providing our front-line employees and contractors with truly engaging learning experiences. It's as if LUMA1 has given us superpowers to create the most effective training programs – a one-stop-shop solution with extensive content design features. Additionally, they take your wish list and continuously implement new features. We absolutely love its amazing capabilities!"

Montina Fernandes, MBA, Learning and Development Manager at Compass Group


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