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Announcing Partnership with HBO Safe Safety Training

LUMA1 is pleased to announce our partnership with HBO Safe Safety Training, a leading safety training provider in the Netherlands serving multinational clients in leisure, offices, retail and industry.

Partnership announcement between LUMA1 and HBO Safe

HBO Safe Safety Training offers an extensive range of safety training courses including emergency response, first aid, fire fighting, evacuation and more. Through the collaboration with LUMA1, they can use advanced simulations, micro-learning, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and other new technologies to provide a realistic and effective learning experience for their customers.

The partnership between LUMA1 and HBO Safe Safety Training promises a new and advanced approach to workplace safety training Employees will be better prepared for emergencies and able to act quickly and efficiently, increasing safety within their organizations.

With emerging technologies and ever-changing working methods, it is essential that employees are properly trained to implement safety measures effectively. LUMA1, known for its innovative solutions in the field of safety, will bring its expertise to strengthen training using new technologies.

Jeroen Jansen HBO Safe Director, says “Using LUMA1's technology, we can train employees and guide employers in realistic scenarios, improving their response time and effectiveness in emergency situations. We are confident that this will have a positive impact on the safety culture within organizations.”

LUMA1 CEO John Hudson said “We are excited to partner with HBO Safe to set a new standard for safety training and safety instruction for the Dutch and European market.



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