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Construction; How to turn safety certifications into six-figure savings


Buttcon, a construction contractor based in Canada, relies heavily on its large professional network of contractors and suppliers to scale their output. They turned to LUMA1 to help streamline their health and safety training program to minimize workplace injuries as the company rapidly grows.


Buttcon Limited

Recognized for high quality workmanship, innovative solutions, and a quick turnaround. Specializes in institutional, commercial, industrial, and multi- unit residential construction. Aims for exceptional quality with zero accident frequency.


Health and safety risks are costly

Workplace injuries cost the business nearly $50k per incident. The average cost of health and safety training is nearly $4k per employee for construction workers. With hundreds of employees and contractors, in-person training is far too costly for Buttcon. Governments conducted over 40,000 construction inspections in the U.S. alone last year. If safety hazards are found, contractors risk large fines and site closures.


Use interactive video to minimize costs and risk

  • Interactive courses and videos that are adaptable to different areas of responsibility.

  • Track individual progress on videos and training materials.

  • Create digital certifications for employees and partners.


Six-figures saved from injury aversion

  • A new, highly efficient training program that offers greater flexibility.

  • Increased confidence in contractor and employee competence.

  • Cut workplace incidents in half saving over $125,000 in injury costs alone.



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