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Creating Digital Toolbox Talks with LUMA1

Toolbox Talks are an incredibly powerful way to create a safer workplace or site. The higher the frequency of Toolbox Talks, the higher the impact. In this post we are going to cover creating talks. With LUMA1 its easy.

  1. Creating Digital Toolbox Talks - it does take some of your time, but once made they can be leveraged over time. Using LUMA1 you can record video directly into system or upload a video (and yes you can make your PowerPoint into a video), add content like text, graphics or even video in video, add knowledge checks and then you are done. The other way is to use our extensive pre-built Ally Safety Toolbox Talk library. It's by far the best out there. And yes, you can absolutely mix and match your content using a LUMA1 Playlist. So for example you can use a Confined Space video from the library, add your own intro, and your own site specific video. You can even add e-learning built with Articulate or other popular e-learning tools or YouTube videos to your Playlist. We have included our free Video Making Guide below to help you get started.

  2. Creating the User Experience - Using LUMA1 you can completely customize the look and user experience. To do this you can leverage templates and themes to easily add content and control the look and feel. For example your theme would contain your company style - colors, fonts, etc. Your template could include a disclaimer, company logo, a polling or survey question and a knowledge check placeholder (you can use our incredibly cool AI question generator to build questions). Then you can decide on navigation. Do you lock everything down (adding knowledge checks or activities ensures engagement) or let the user navigate freely?

  3. Translation Made Simple - LUMA1 supports over 50 major global languages. You simply choose the languages you want to support and presto! Always do a quick check of the transcript and other content you added to cover off unique terms (you can add these to your dictionary) and local language use. Select a voice and you are done.

  4. Leveraging Your Toolbox Talks - back to Playlists that we discussed above. You can easily take your Ally Safety Toolbox Talks, site specific videos and other content to create full training and certifications with LUMA1. Everything is instantly tracked with full reporting. The will be more on this on an upcoming post including automating delivery using text, email and QR Codes all from within LUMA1.

If you are interested in learning more about creating digital Toolbox Talks, LUMA1 or the Ally Safety library get in touch with us. We are striving to make staying safe and productive as simple as it can be.

LUMA1 Shooting Great Video with mobile
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