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From the Big Idea to Digital Transformation in Health, Safety, and Environment at Galliford Try Infrastructure.


Galliford Try PLC stands at the forefront of the UK's construction sector, emphasizing health, safety, and environmental (HSE) compliance to ensure a secure workplace for every employee. Excelling in HSE results is a cornerstone of our business ethos.

How We Connected 

Lightbulb LUMA1 Big Idea

In pursuit of innovative HSE solutions, Galliford Try attended the National Highways event in 2022. Here, we engaged in a 'Dragons’ Den' style contest, 'The Big Idea,' alongside leading UK and global HSE businesses serving the construction industry . LUMA1 emerged as one of only three winners from over 150 entrants, capturing Galliford Try’s selection to pioneer health and safety innovation.

From the Beginning to Our Growing Collaboration 

Transitioning from a live monthly Teams induction to an interactive, on-demand safety induction marked our initial collaboration with Galliford Try. This shift addressed two significant challenges—aligning training schedules with the availability of our busy new hires and efficient use of their time. 

LUMA1’s user-friendly interface, multi-language support, accessibility across devices, and real-time their analytics for tracking engagement and knowledge retention, perfectly aligned with needs. Additionally, leveraging LUMA1's proven safety training systems allowed us to create engaging, interactive HSE induction modules. These modules, included videos, animations, quizzes, and more, facilitated effective learning and retention of crucial HSE information. Moreover, the ease of updating content ensures that learners always have access to the latest information without disruption. 

Following its initial success, LUMA1 has been driven by Galliford Try forward thinkers to; 

  1. Identify knowledge and awareness gaps post-incident – using a simple quiz 

  1. Create training on Load Security 

  1. Raise awareness of the dangers of Silica inhalation 


The initial phase alone delivered a threefold return on investment through enhanced efficiency, timing, and cost savings. The platform’s analytics have been invaluable in gauging new hire engagement and identifying areas for continuous improvement in our HSE induction program. Additionally, the platform has empowered us to swiftly address incidents and proactively develop resources for incident prevention. 


“Since embracing The Big Idea with LUMA1, we've seen remarkable advancements in our HSE efforts. LUMA1's innovative approaches have significantly impacted our operations,” says a Galliford Try spokesperson. 


LUMA1's implementation has been a triumph, starting with an engaging HSE induction program and evolving into a tool for spearheading further innovation. By customizing the platform to address specific job roles and HSE risks, Galliford Try has realized increased efficiency and cost savings. We invite you to contact us to explore more customer success stories and discover our HSE/EHS success "playbooks." 



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