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Level Up Your Contractor and Temp Worker Safety Training with LUMA1.

Workplace safety is essential, especially for contractors and temporary workers facing unfamiliar hazards. Enter LUMA1, the game-changer that simplifies safety training with an edge.

LUMA1: Safety Training that Works

LUMA1 breaks down the barriers. Create Dynamic Content:

• Mix your own safety training videos with our extensive Ally Safety library.

• Utilize built-in tools for video capture, screen recording, and a PowerPoint video maker – Engage!

• Effortless Onboarding: New contractors and temp workers sign up seamlessly with QR codes or secure links.

• Full Certification Power: Complete certification capabilities and credentials management keep everyone compliant.

• Automatic Upgrades: Workers moving between sites? LUMA1 tracks their progress and upgrades them automatically.

• Live Training Support: Comprehensive support for live training events and certifications.

• Smart Quizzes: AI-generated questions and quizzes pinpoint knowledge gaps with precision.

• Language Barrier Breaker: Instant AI translations cover over 60 languages, ensuring clear communication.

Why Choose LUMA1?

Enhanced Safety Compliance: Reduce accidents and ensure compliance with more effective training.

Cost-Effectiveness: Digital training cuts costs and logistical challenges associated with in-person sessions.

Scalability: Easily scale your safety training as your workforce grows without compromising quality.

Flexibility and Time Management: Allow workers to complete training at their own pace or opt for live, in-person tracking and testing.

Transform Safety Training with LUMA1

LUMA1 revolutionizes contractor and temp worker safety training, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance. In industries with rapid onboarding and high turnover, LUMA1 ensures every worker is well-prepared and informed, no matter how short their stint. Amp up your safety game and create a safer, more efficient work environment with LUMA1.



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