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Shooting Great Video with Your Phone

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

You can’t stand still in today's rapidly changing business climate - agility is crucial. EHS training and communications need to use new methods to keep pace with this change. Widely available and accessible, video is both responsive and effective. Even if you're not comfortable on camera, there are plenty of easy-to-use options available. Here are three approaches that have proven successful for our customers:

Use your smartphone. With just a few simple guidelines, you can easily shoot video that gets your point across. Check out our free guide for more tips.

Screen recording is another quick and simple option. Apple provides Quicktime, Microsoft offers Clipchamp for free and there are more options.

CCTV or bodycam footage can be incredibly powerful. Using footage from these devices can increase situational awareness and be highly effective.

When it comes to sharing video, there are countless options available, which means you can operate without depending on other parts of the organization or collaborate quickly. LUMA1 supports all three of these options and more.

Click here to get our free guide – Tips and Tricks for Shooting Great Video with Your Phone.



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