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The New Playbook for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Standard Operating Procedures are key to creating consistent, quality outcomes while making sure the environment and your team stays safe. Our New LUMA1 SOP Playbook brings a new simplicity to SOPs:

  1. 1. Capture processes with the detail you need. The LUMA1 SOP Playbook gives you the methods and tools you need to fully capture processes,

  2. Create great training and support your team on the job. Our SOP Playbook shows you how to create great training using your captured SOP's and leverage these on the job using QR codes and other techniques so your team has on the job support they need,

  3. Bring agility to your business. As you business changes you can respond quickly to get everyone on the same page using LUMA1 and our extensive range of Playbooks.

Get in touch to learn more about LUMA1 and our Playbooks. We are committed to bringing you and your business to the world of agility.



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