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Transforming Construction with innDex and LUMA1: Our New Partnership!

We're thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with innDex, a pioneering force in digital workforce management solutions for the construction industry. This collaboration brings together the power of innDex with the cutting-edge capabilities of LUMA1 Smart Video to deliver site-specific orientations, inductions, and certifications through an integrated experience, available on both the innDex mobile app and desktop platform.

The partnership between innDex and LUMA1, offers a proven, game-changing solution that significantly enhances productivity within the construction sector. With innDex, workers can now arrive on-site already pre-enrolled, well-versed in project specifics, and fully prepared for briefings. This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures that every worker is well-equipped to perform their tasks efficiently.

Moreover, innDex facilitates seamless team communication, enabling real-time connectivity and information exchange, no matter where your team members are located or what time it is. This real-time collaboration ensures that your construction projects run smoothly and efficiently.

LUMA1 provides a comprehensive Smart Video training suite that encompasses a wide range of tools for creating, delivering, and tracking orientations, inductions, toolbox talks, certifications, and various other types of training. This suite simplifies the training process and ensures that your workforce is always up-to-date with the latest safety and operational procedures.

When you combine the capabilities of LUMA1 and innDex, you get the ultimate solution for digital workforce management and training in the construction industry. This dynamic duo is set to revolutionize the way construction projects are executed, making them more efficient, safer, and smarter than ever before. Say hello to your new best friends in construction – innDex + LUMA1. Together

To learn more about LUMA1 or our partnership contact us here . Contact our friends at innDex directly here.



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