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5 Ways to Leverage Digital Toolbox Talks with LUMA1

In our last post we covered creating Digital Toolbox Talks with LUMA1. In this post we will share with you the ways you can use and leverage these talks using using LUMA1.

  1. In Person - LUMA1 lets you create events. Simply create a Playlist for your talk, add a group or attendees and go! You can even associate a certification with it and there is reporting.

  2. Timed Delivery - A higher frequency of Toolbox Talks drives great safety results. With resources like the great smart video safety library from Ally Safety , its now incredibly simple to deliver talks on a daily or weekly basis. Just create your Toolbox Talks list, set frequency, choose delivery method like text or email and go! You can see how your team is doing with full reporting and even use adaptive learning in LUMA1 to make sure everyone is in the know.

  3. QR Code - Print a QR Code directly from LUMA1 and place it anywhere. All a user needs to do is point and go. QR Codes are incredibly powerful way to share knowledge in the flow of work. Knowledge is always at hand.

  4. A Link - a simple link, touch or click and go. If security is an issue your can require a log in or secure QR Code self registration which a great capability for contractors!

  5. A Course or Certification - make a Playlist of talks that can be mixed and match with other video content to create a seamless experience. Using our AI based assessment technology you can easily generate a topic based assessment and even link our powerful, time saving pre-test (prescriptive learning) to generate a completely personalized course so that the user just gets what they need.

And there are additional ways to use all of your safety videos. Let us know if you are interested in exploring this topic in person. At LUMA1 we strive to make safety simple and effective.



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