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LUMA1 Release 32 - Helping Business Create a Safer, More Productive World

We have been listening to our customers and have been innovating. Release 32 is packed full of new capabilities that will drive business benefits and results for our customers. Helping Business Create a Safer, More Productive World. Lets get started:

AI Assessment and Question Generator

This is an incredible update that literally allows you to build a highly quality assessment in minutes or great knowledge check questions in seconds. This also lets you easily leverage the power of adaptive learning and prescriptive pre-tests for time saving personalization.

Event Management and Reporting

With this innovative capability, you can effortlessly organize live, in-person group events such as training sessions and toolbox talks using Playlists. What sets this apart is the ability to seamlessly track attendance and craft tests and certifications, all with comprehensive reporting. This level of control and insight grants you unparalleled flexibility in managing your events, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for all participants.

Certification Enhancements

Exciting news from LUMA1's Certification capabilities – they're expanding rapidly! Now, when viewers self-register for a certification, they are seamlessly grouped at the playlist level, offering you greater flexibility, particularly for site-specific orientations and inductions. What's more, our system is now smart enough to recognize whether a user has previously obtained certification for specific content. Depending on your settings, it can automatically skip it, make it optional, or, if desired, prompt the user to complete it once more.

In addition, both administrators and viewers have the convenience of saving, printing, or downloading their certificates at any time. These enhancements empower you to manage certifications with ease and efficiency, ensuring a seamless learning experience for all. Explore the expanding world of LUMA1 Certification today!

Ally Safety Videos

LUMA1 has partnered with Ally Safety to offer a complete library of professional Health and Safety videos which can be mixed into your own LUMA1 playlist with questions and custom branding. Ally Safety videos are an incredible resource to engage your team and get great safety results.

Integration with innDex

We are delighted to support innDex, the end-to-end digital workforce management platform for construction. It’s a great solution and company!

Integration with LearningZen Learning Management System

Introducing LearningZen, our valued partner in empowering seamless and effective training solutions. With its user-friendly online training platform, LearningZen is committed to enhancing training processes for businesses of all sizes. Their comprehensive approach aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver excellence and efficiency to our clients. Together with LearningZen, we're dedicated to unlocking your business's full potential through innovative training experiences.

Global Voice Enhancements

Our AI-based Global Voice feature has undergone continuous enhancement since its initial introduction, and we're thrilled to share our latest updates. We've incorporated 150 new synthetic voices, providing even more diversity and options for your voice needs. We have also automated language pairing to automate access when sharing content and to simplify edits. Plus, we've streamlined the process of adding specialized vocabulary, making customization easier than ever. With these improvements, translating your videos and other LUMA1 content into 50 major global languages has never been more seamless and effective. Explore the enhanced capabilities of Global Voice today!

SCORM 2004 Support

Now, you have an extra avenue to effortlessly deploy your playlists, videos, and assessments using SCORM 2004. With just one simple step, you can create a SCORM 2004 package ready for seamless uploading to any Learning Management System (LMS). What's more, LUMA1 takes convenience to the next level by enabling you to directly share your content using a variety of methods, from system-generated QR codes, text, email, embeds, and links to seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, SCORM 1.2, social channels, and much more.

Assessments and Questions

We've transformed your user experience with contextual help, ensuring you have the support you need at your fingertips. Additionally, we've introduced image-based multiple-choice questions, giving you the power to convey answers and distractors through visuals. But that's not all - our adaptive questions and prescriptive assessments seamlessly integrate these features, personalizing your learning journey like never before.

New home screen

User experience improvements and enhanced configurability allowing you to completely tailor the look and feel.

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