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The New Playbook for Certifications

Certifying contractors and your own workers is critical to ensuring a safe site. LUMA1 is introducing a new Certification Playbook that gives you simple, step by step instructions for making any certification program digital . It covers everything you need to get up and running, launching and running your certification program. If you get stuck our customer success team are there to help.

To quote Stephanie A. Kruk, Senior Safety Manager at Buttcon:

"Thanks to LUMA1, training our staff and trade partner contractors has never been easier. Within just days, we were able to transition from in-person safety orientation to an online orientation certification process that was seamless and efficient. By streamlining this critical aspect of our business, we were able to save time and resources while ensuring that our trade partners were properly orientated to work on our job sites. If you're looking for a more efficient way to train and orientate your contractors, we highly recommend giving LUMA1 a try."

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