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The New LUMA1 Certification Program Playbook

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Do you need to certify sub-contractors or want to create certification programs for your team? The new LUMA1 Certification Program Playbook takes you through the process step by step and is based on the success of our customers. It includes:

  • Setting up Onboarding and registration with self registration with a link or QR code, user import or feed

  • Creating your content

  • Creating your questions and assessment manually or auto generated with AI

  • Using the LUMA1 Translator for translation and synthetic voice

  • Setting up certification parameters and certificate issuance

With LUMA1 and the new Playbook you can quickly put in place a full digital certification program that delivers. The let's you save valuable time and money while driving the results you need.

Creating a Certification Program Playbook
Drive Safety



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