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The Remarkable Impact of a Thorough Safety Orientation Process for New and Contract Staff.

Every company's most valuable asset is its employees. Ensuring their safety is key for everyone. We were excited to see the ABC Safety Performance Report 2023 share data that in depth orientation or induction reduce incidents by 48 – 52% vs basic orientations.

The news gets better with the time savings you can get with digital orientations with LUMA1. Three Key Take Aways with Digital Orientations:

1. The more in depth, the better the results – Ensuring that everyone on the team is knowledgeable and aware of all the necessary facets of operating safely is critical. We have observed significant time savings with digital orientations with LUMA1 using capabilities such as pre-testing to create dynamic personalized journeys or automatically adapting to an individual’s knowledge and awareness level or recognizing an existing certification so they can bypass sections,

2. Offering Orientations in multiple languages works - LUMA1 started its pioneering language AI work to support customers operating in multiple countries. With our diversifying workforce in America, Canada, and the UK, offering Orientations in multiple languages can be a huge benefit. We see this being successfully used with many of our customers who leverage the automated translations in LUMA1,

3. Certifications and Testing reinforce training – ensuring knowledge and awareness is critical. With LUMA1 you can easily create certifications, tests and knowledge checks with our AI based assessment builder and question maker. You also get powerful reports showing completions, certifications, and in-depth question analysis so all of this is easy to manage.

Time spent at the beginning within depth orientations drives both safety and higher productivity. Everyone wins! Get in touch with us to learn more



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