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We congratulate Deltera on your launch and Partnership for Safety with LUMA1

Congratulations to the Deltera team for the successful launch of their Site-Specific Orientation Certifications across nine construction sites in Toronto, Canada. These certifications make use of LUMA1's unique contractor self-registration feature and powerful translation capabilities to offer the program in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Brazilian Portuguese. Furthermore, Deltera Management can easily access and verify these certificates within the LUMA1 platform.

Deltera image of buildings

Deltera is currently in the process of expanding its certification programs and training offerings. This achievement represents an outstanding collaboration, and Deltera's endorsement of LUMA1 is truly heartening:

"We are thrilled with the system and the exceptional people behind it. Working with LUMA1 has been an incredible experience, marked by their responsiveness and dedication. It not only streamlines contractor certifications but much more. We give it a five-star rating!"

Thank-you Daniel DosSantos, Jordan Melchiorre, and Nicholas Joseph for your Partnership for Safety!



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